Thursday, 29 October 2015

Sunshine on my Shoulders

I don't know about you, but I'm already bored of this autumnal verging on wintery weather. As I was walking home from work tonight (in the dark and cold), feeling pretty glum and a bit SAD I thought "I know what would cheer me up, some sunshine and a nice viz". And so I've finally gone ahead and made the more up beat counterpart to my rain viz.

A couple of notes:
 - Sunshine hours are not the same as daylight hours, they are also affected by cloud cover, rain etc... see this explanation
 - When publishing this viz, I overwrote my original rain viz on Tableau Public by mistake by doing 'Save to Tableau Public' and not 'Save as to Tableau Public'. Be careful! If you are working from a previously published workbook, as I was here, then saving to Tableau Public will overwrite with no warning! I've lost that lovely counter which showed it had over 20,000 views..... :-(


  1. I've lost a few high view counts to that too over at, so I feel your pain! Even if you don't change the name of the workbook, changing the tab name can reset the count too.
    Nice interactive chart. It makes me glad I moved from the UK to Australia :)

    1. thanks! I'm looking forward to version control and hoping it comes to Tableau Public too! Enjoy your summer :-)

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