Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Why Does It Always Rain On Me?

We are now only a couple of weeks away from the 2014 Tableau Conference so I thought I would make a viz in honour of Tableau's home and the location of the conference this year, Seattle. Two years in row is a tradition right? Here's what I did last year

I ruled out making a Seattle Supersonics viz as it seemed just too morbid, so I went for one of the other things that Seattle is famous for - rain!

A few things I spotted in the data:
 - London is nowhere near as rainy as its reputation. When I moved from London to New York I was convinced it was raining here more, and it turns out the data backs me up. Time to lay off the London weather jokes.
- Seattle does deserve its reputation for rain. It doesn't rain the most in terms of volume, but it does rain often.
- The rainy and dry season patterns of some places like Cairo and Mumbai are more extreme than I had previously thought.

I hope you enjoy exploring the viz, and please don't be offended if your city isn't on there, it was a pretty random selection apart from Sheffield where I grew up and it felt like it rained all the time.

Comments welcome, and hope to see you in Seattle! You probably won't need an umbrella in September.