Sunday, 18 October 2015

Fantasy Hoops Draft Assistant

The NBA season is almost upon us once again, and that also means that Fantasy Basketball will be starting up soon too. Last year I was in the league managed by Ben Jones of Tableau and fame. I did pretty well, but I was really scrambling on draft night.

One thing I didn't really appreciate last year was how important winning the different categories is, especially the ones that don't get so much attention. For example in fantasy hoops blocks have as much clout as points, and so choosing less well known players who are strong blockers can be as legitimate a strategy as going for the big scorers.

This year, to try and help my draft approach I have come up with my Fantasy Hoops Draft Assistant in Tableau. This takes last years data and compares each player to the league average across all the categories, individually and combined to a total. Here it is:

Whatever your strategy - whether selecting all-rounders or targeting specific categories, this tool should help you prepare for the draft and respond as picks are made.

The scores work like this, using points as the example:

As you can see, Level of Detail calculations come in handy here!

The FT% and FG% are slightly different. I weighted them by the number of shots taken adjusted the scores by a factor of 100 to fit along with the rest:

I also added a minimum requirement of 500 minutes played as a context filter.

Waiver: Last seasons performance is no guarantee of success this year - so please don't blame me if you use this tool and lose your league.....


  1. This is a really great stat chart you have made! Did you make it yourself? I would love to see more like this. Perhaps you can also suggest some picks as sites like do. They make a weekly advice on picks but if you post stats of the player as well it will be much better.

  2. The Fantasy Assistant will analyze strengths and weaknesses for your fantasy team to see how positions improve over time and where you can address weaknesses. Supports NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL leagues. Daily team ratings shows how your team stacks up over the course of the season.


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