Monday, 25 January 2016

Real Estate of Mind - All City Edition

In April 2015 I made a viz called Real Estate of Mind which looked at residential property sales in Manhattan. Well I decided to come back to that data-set but this time I wanted to expand out to the whole of New York City. And I also wanted to present some of the analysis that's possible when digging into this dataset. So I present Real Estate of Mind - All City Edition!

And here's a dashboard only view for digging right in:

Next time I'll write up a blog post about making this viz and do some analysis of the accuracy of the geocoding (which I'm not that happy with), but right now though I'm exhausted. The data is taken from and the geocoding was done with


  1. Hi Peter, really enjoyed these visualizations and I'm looking forward to your write up. I especially like how much power you give to the user to not just filter the data but apply color in different ways. So many details that aren't apparent on the surface too. I can see why you were exhausted after making this. :P
    I particularly like the borough/building type/price story point. As someone unfamiliar with NYC housing, a little info on what each of those building types mean would be helpful!
    Did you use any particular tool to design your color scheme?

    1. Thanks Brit, that's great feedback and I've included a small link to an explanation of co-ops vs condos on the page with the building types. I'll do the write up soon and explain the color palette there, but basically it all comes from that apple logo in the corner.

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