Sunday, 22 March 2015


On last week's episode of the Tableau Wanna Be Podcast with Emily and Matt, Jewel Loree shared that her go-to strategy for developing a new viz was to think of the name first and go from there. I thought I'd give this approach a shot, and for some reason the word 'Bananarama' came into my head - maybe because I like bananas or maybe because I subconsciously love 80's pop music. Who knows.

So anyway, here's a viz on the worldwide banana trade, with data taken from

The most interesting thing I see here is what's going on with Belgium - lots of bananas go through Belgium on their way to Germany.


  1. Cool technique - I always think of the dashboard name last or not all and give the dashboard a default name like "_____ Analysis" - which now that I think about it is pretty boring. Great design on this viz - very clean and good use of color.

  2. Hi Peter, nice one. Your viewers will likely also be curious to watch this fascinating documentary on bananas:

    Mondo Banana

    Whisking the viewer off on an international journey through the vibrant world of human-banana relationships, the film explores the personal, cultural, and environmental importance of one of the world's favorite fruits.

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