Monday, 16 February 2015

Dieu et mon droit - Monarchy in the UK

Well its been a while, but here's a new viz showing the Kings and Queens of England.

This one was a labour of love and was made with help from my friend and pinball team captain Dan Miller who did the illustration and came up with the overall look and feel. You can see more of Dan's work here and here and follow him on twitter @metropolus.

One thing that I would have liked while making this viz is transparent backgrounds for sheets.

Oh and please note that the data collection took bloody ages, so if you spot any errors please let me know. And the countries are the modern equivalents - identifying individual US states under different monarchs got a bit much to deal with.


  1. Wow this is superb. Looks great, loads going on and the mouseover works great with the faster V9 response times and tooltips.

    Should have saved it for an IronVIz entry as it's worthy of winning one of the heats.


  2. Looking forward to downloading this and seeing how the dashboards were created - I am not sure if its a v9 issue, but sometimes the hover isn't right with the picture - I only know the current Queen's image, but at times when moving about and over her, I get a King in the picture instead? Great viz though

    1. Hi, yeah the accuracy of the pointer can be a bit off sometimes. And the rate at which the images change is also quite dependent on network and browser speed

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