Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Guest Post! A look at the success of the UCONN basketball team over the years

I've  been a bit distracted from blogging recently so new posts haven't exactly been coming thick and fast. BUT you are in luck, because my colleague Chamberlaine Kerr has come up with a cool basketball related viz and she's chosen this as the place to debut it.

Chamberlaine also works for Slalom Consulting and is helping to drive growth of the data visualization practice at our Hartford office. This is Chamberlaine's first foray into the world of Tableau Public and I think its a good one. You can find her on twitter as @ChamberlaineK

Chamberlaine Kerr
Slalom Consulting – Business Intelligence
Hartford, Conn.

In February, 2012 I started my career with Slalom Consulting at our headquarters in Seattle. After roughly one-and-a-half years I relocated to Hartford, Conn., and joined Slalom’s Information Management and Analytics practice.

Prior to Slalom I attended the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington – go Dawgs!   After moving to Connecticut, I quickly realized we aren’t the only Huskies around.  I now refer to my alma mater as the Huskies of the Best (oops! I mean West*) coast.

I’d like to say a huge “thank you” to my Slalom Consulting colleagues Peter Gilks (for allowing me to take over his blog for the day) and Curtis Looney (for helping with the original POC).  Hopefully my own blog will be a part of the not-so-distant future.   In the interim, I want to share the first Tableau viz I created outside of client work – a UCONN Men’s Basketball viz!

The Viz

This past year the UCONN Men’s Basketball team took #Winning to a whole new level as they laughed all the way to the NCAA championship.  The 2013-14 season was UCONN’s 4th NCAA Championship win in the last 16 years … not a bad start for Kevin Ollie’s first year as head coach.
With this year’s college basketball season well underway, it’s a good time to take a deeper look at some of the UCONN Husky’s historical trends.
Please feel free to comment.  All feedback is welcome and much appreciated.  Enjoy!

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