Thursday, 5 June 2014

An idea for a small but useful Tableau improvement

I have a new idea up on the Tableau Forums, you can check it out and vote it up here

Here's the idea, its one of those small things that can sometimes drive me a bit nuts.

 - You know how sometimes you are doing something on a Tableau dashboard through server, and either you can't remember what you've been clicking on, or un-clicking your filters would just take too long? Well isn't the 'Revert' button helpful? This little beauty below:

Well I would really love to see this button in Tableau Desktop too, particularly in presentation mode. The reason is that sometimes when I am demoing Tableau I do not have either web access or specifically Tableau Server access, and so I can demo dashboards through presentation mode on desktop. But it can get a bit sticky if you need to start over.

There is a 'Revert to Saved' option but this doesn't always do the trick.


  1. This routinely pisses me off. Would love the revert all function.


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