Friday, 27 December 2013

Taking a little inspiration from Hans Rosling

Inspired by the recent announcement that Hans Rosling will be speaking at TCC14, a few of my colleagues at Slalom decided to have a little contest to see what Tableau vizzes we could up with inspired by the man himself.

First up we have a collaborative viz made by me and Nelson Davis (@Nelsondavis) which uses the visualization style of GapMinder and applies it to NBA franchises. Nelson did an absolutely awesome job styling the viz with NBA logo's etc... so check it out on his blog:

Another colleague Daniel Montgomery (@datapsientist) took subject matter inspiration from Hans in terms of social good and shows how nuclear power can help the fight against pollution and climate change.

Enjoy! And make sure you get to see Hans at TCC14, I saw him at TCCEU13 and he was hands down the best key-note speaker I have ever seen.

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  1. Paint by numbers is so awesome and creative for all people of all ages!


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